June 23

We rent a car in the late afternoon and head over to Amalfi for a drive along the Amalfi coast. We stop in Cetara for a couple of hours, almost at the start of the Amalfi coast, and decide we would really like to spend some time in this harbor and wait for the harbor master to secure a reservation. It is just a perfect village on the sea, with beautiful vistas in every direction.

At around 6:30pm, we head for Positano for dinner. How long could it possibly take? It is only 35km. Well, firstly, we are not used to seeing masses of people or cars, and on top of it, although it is a very scenic drive, you cannot take your eyes off the road. Two hours later and a little frazzled, we park the car in Positano and find a restaurant for dinner. The drive is quickly forgotten when we look out into this beautiful bay as it gets dark. The food is really good, too. We walk back up the hill to our car in the dark, and make the long, windy, slow drive back to Salerno. We arrive after midnight tired and exhausted, overwhelmed by all we have seen today.

sa 100
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Cetara – it is so hot! Everyone is at the beach
sa 103
Dinner in Positano
sa 105
We are using our new shade for the first time. Glamping! It really works
sa 106
Salerno Marina
sa 107
The kids have the right idea
sa 108
What is he thinking in this heat!
sa 109
Kids fishing on pier
sa 110
Very windy road
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