July 27th

Since the forecast was for hotter weather for the next few days, we decided to head up the Amalfi coast, around the point where Capri is, and then go into Sorrento. The weather forecast for there is at least ten degrees cooler. We encounter strong winds as we go around the point, a welcome relief from the heat. It continues to blow strong all the way until we get into the marina in Sorrento. We expected a bigger harbor, and were very pleased to get a berth for the next few nights in this beautiful marina as we did not have a reservation and there are only a few spots.

Sorrento is a huge surprise, as I did not know what to expect, having done very little research. This elegant, beautiful city is on the edge of a cliff. You can see Mount Vesuvius in the background in one direction and Capri and other islands in the other direction. The water is azure blue and very clear. It looks great for swimming. Although there are not many beaches on this cliff hugging city, they have built decks over to a breakwater and created a calm bay for swimming, tanning, enjoying the breeze and even a hot tub.

We take a lift up to the city center at the top of the cliff. Stepping out of the elevator, I immediately fall in love. The city is small, but has a beautiful elegance to it, with gardens, statues, beautiful buildings and churches, charming streets and lots of stray cats and dogs. All this overlooking the ocean. I think I could live here. It is the perfect combination of nature, ocean, and city – all of them beautiful.

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Roasting beauty
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Long walk to the beach
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Sunset fishing
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Wildlife in Sorrento
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One of many hotels on cliffs
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Our boat hidden behind those trees
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Went for a sunset swim
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Service just starting
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Streets of Sorrento
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Ever seen the tonsils of a seagull
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One of just a few boats