June 30th

We get ready to set sail for Cetara, and it is a perfect day for sailing, as the wind is supposed to be somewhere between 10 and 15 knots. At first it is very calm with almost no wind, and we have to motor, but then the wind comes up and we put out those sails and gracefully glide through the waters of the Amalfi coastline. We see a school of dolphins and then close to Cetara, we see lots more tuna leaping out of the water. This time, we thought we would see if we could catch one with the engines off, and just sail through them. Back and forth we went with the lures out. They were around us everywhere! A perfect size for us – about three to four feet long. They tortured John by ignoring his bait. I just loved the experience of tacking and going back and forth along this gorgeous coast with a perfect temperature and perfect wind. Eventually, John admitted defeat and we headed into the harbor in the late afternoon.

What a lovely sight with families swimming in the ocean, sitting and enjoying the wharf, sitting on their boats and chatting, walking up and down the streets with ice creams, kids laughter and running feet – so lovely.

In the evening we wander into town for dinner, and a band begins to play in the square. Children dance and people chatter, drink wine and enjoy this balmy evening with family and friends. Pure magic.
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