July 6th
Stop right now if you don’t like photos of tuna or fish stories! We headed out on a beautiful calm morning up the Amalfi coast towards Capri. This time, we were going around the back of Capri towards the island of Ischia. We saw a couple of turtles in the water, but they dove down as our boat approached, so no photos. For the third time, as we got near Capri, we saw hundreds of tuna leaping out of the water on a feeding frenzy. John tried almost every lure in his fishing box and we went back and forth. They swam under the boat. We could see the thousands of small fish they were feeding on. The leaped and thrashed through the water. Birds hovered just above them hoping for a stray fish or two. We got distracted with this for a few hours, and eventually decided we should probably head over to Ischia.

In the meantime, a perfect wind for sailing had come up, and out came the sails! We were both delighted with our sail between Capri and Ischia. As we came into the leeward side of Ischia, the wind died. We saw a castle and church on a rock/island that was connected to the mainland. A beautiful town hugged the coastline. We could see ferry boats going back and forth to Naples. Our Marina is 4km from the main port and is a very sheltered spot with great shopping, beaches and walks in close proximity. It was supposed to be cooler, but as there is no breeze in the Marina as we arrive, it is very hot indeed.

July 7th
Laundry day! Lots of chores today and we want to get the boat spick and span today as my cousin, and her daughter are coming to stay with us for a week. I lug three bags of laundry up a short hill, arrive drenched and beat up, to be greeted by the manager of the laundry, who just takes over and practically does the washing for me. It is a self service laundry, but she could see I was exhausted and just decided to take over. Then her daughter came in and helped too when the washing was ready to be folded, and in record time, had three big loads of laundry completed. Lots of fresh towels and linens back on the beds and into the closets.

John had his chores to do too! We are both now done and the boat looks sparkling clean and fresh again. It is really hot, so time to take a little break before we head into town to buy some supplies and recharge our internet service.is 100is 100xis 101is 101xis 102is 102xis 103is 103xis 104is 105is 106is 107is 108is 109is 110is 111is 112is 117is 119is 120is 122