July 1 to July 5

We have six lovely days reserved in this picturesque fishing village at the start of the Amalfi coast. There is room for only a few boats, and we are one of the lucky ones. It is not to far from Salerno and Sicignano, and John’s family as well as friends that the family have known since childhood, all come down for a few days and spend time with us. They are all staying in Sicignano and John’s brother and family have a villa there that they spend time in every summer.

We spent a fair amount of time swimming in the ocean. John has two beautiful little nieces who love their time in the water. It is lovely to see John interact with his family again. It is windy, but the positive side is that it keeps the temperature down and manageable. The down side is that the first night John’s family was there, they spent the night on the boat with us and the wind was so strong, only a few of us got any sleep. Luckily, the kids did not seem to mind, but most of the adults were wiped out the next day.

Lots of good food, wine and other forms of alcohol and indulgence and we even managed a 4th of July BBQ when the wind died down enough. Our next stop is the island of Ischia, which is where we are going to meet up with some of my family for a week.
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