Watching John interact with his family over the last few days, I could not but help contemplate, yet again, the complexities that family bring to relationships. One feels an overwhelming love for them that cannot be explained or defined, but all kinds of other emotions come into play that stem from childhood and the interconnection between the child, parents and siblings. There always seems to be a competitive spirit, a jostling for the top or favored position, misunderstandings and hurt feelings that would never occur in friendships, but occur all the time in families. An outsider can sometimes see the picture quite clearly, but the family members often cannot, as each has their own perception and concerns within the family hierarchy. It is about a year ago, that I wrote something similar in Greece, after spending time with my sister and her family, who I absolutely adore.

If you have disagreements with friends, or do not get along, you can just move on and make new friends. Not so with family. You will always be related. Blood is thicker than water and even if blood is made up mostly with water, it is the other components of that blood that thicken it that keep you bound together forever, whether you like it or not, sticky and messy as it may be.