July 8th

Decided I could not live without a camera, as I truly am passionate about capturing my surroundings and gives me a distraction and purpose as I go on my many walks. It is a great way for me to get exercise, and the miles fly by as I observe my surroundings with a keen eye. I figure out it is not practical for me to get a replacement of the same model, as it would need to be shipped and we are not staying in one place long enough to have it shipped. John takes me into town and I find a reasonable camera to last me the rest of this trip. It is not nearly as good as the one I had, but it will still allow me to capture those moments that I absolutely love. Back in business and enjoying the challenge of figuring out how to get great photos with my new camera with its restrictions.

We had some home brewed wine from Sicignano, so Tatjiana and I made Sangria with it. We sliced up peaches, lemon and oranges and mixed grapefruit juice with the wine. It turned out to be delicious and refreshing!

Go for a lovely long walk with Tatjiana in the afternoon and we find another peaceful cemetery on the coast. Nicky, my cousin, arrives at the boat while we are on our walk, and we head back to see her. It is lovely to see this grown woman for the first time in many, many years. My last memory of her was when she was a child in South Africa. A lot of catching up to do!
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Living above the store
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Tats is here
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reminded me of wheat fields and poppies near Matera
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Another beautiful cemetery
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