July 7th
Laundry day! Lots of chores today and we want to get the boat spick and span today as my cousin, Nicky and her daughter Tatjiana are coming to stay with us for a week. I lug three bags of laundry up a short hill, arrive drenched and beat up, to be greeted by the manager of the laundry, who just takes over and practically does the washing for me. It is a self service laundry, but she could see I was exhausted and just decided to take over. Then her daughter came in and helped too when the washing was ready to be folded, and in record time, had three big loads of laundry completed. Lots of fresh towels and linens back on the beds and into the closets.

John had his chores to do too! We are both now done and the boat looks sparkling clean and fresh again. It is really hot, so time to take a little break before we head into town to buy some supplies and recharge our internet service.

Later in the day

After much back and forth and asking questions of the locals, figure out that the ferry that Tatjiana most likely is on, is going into the Port of Ischia. John has rented a scooter, and off we go to meet Tatjiana. When we get to the port, it is confusing, and there are many boats and visitors arriving in the port from different ferries. I am feeling confused and disorientated, and think I might be suffering from a mild heat stroke from doing too much in the heat of the day. I cannot find Tatjiana. I walk up and down the port, looking everywhere. I am jostled by the crowds. Eventually, John locates her. I walk in their direction and reach for my camera to take a photo – it is not there! Somewhere, in those crowds, someone took the camera from my shoulder.

I immediately feel an extreme sense of loss and feel naked without it. When did a camera become an extension of me and become so important to me? It overshadows my joy at seeing Tatjiana and I am distracted. Time to re-assess. I dwell on it for a couple of hours and then just let it go, so that I can enjoy the time with this wonderful young lady who is spending a week with us. Tomorrow her mother arrives.