July 9th

After a late night of chatting, eating and drinking with Nicky and Tatjiana, we let Nicky sleep and catch up on rest while John, Tatjiana and myself spent most of the day at Negombo Thermal Gardens. What a surprise this place was! 14 pools, some in caves, most hidden by natural gardens and trees, all heated naturally from a thermal source in the mountain. The water is known to have healing qualities, but just the zen environment alone would cure one! The huge property is in this beautiful bay that includes a beautiful beach. The pools stretch all the way up the mountain to a cave, where there is a natural steam room and the water coming out of the mountain is piping hot! They have a Turkish steam room that is 55 degrees Celsius! It was too hot for Tatjiana and myself, but John indulged several times. I just did not want to get out of the water and we drifted from pool to pool all day. Lunch was a salad made from greens and tomatoes just picked and grown on the property with fresh mozzarella cheese.

We walked back to the boat through a quaint village and found a rested and refreshed Nicky. Sangria, snacks and good company as we watch the sun set. Later, we hear the song Aquarius in the town and think it is a concert, so head there. It turns out they are watching the movie “Hair” that was made in 1979. I love the sound track and have it and also loved the movie. I have not seen it since 1979 when it first came out. With a full moon rising, the movie is played in the town square on a big screen and really bad sound system. The songs are in English, but the rest of the dialogue is in Italian. We become drawn to the setting and movie like magnets – all except John, who feels that this is someone’s deliberate attempt to make Italy disgusted with America. I always thought the movie was inspirational, as it truly reflects the creativity of America, but it was bizarre seeing a lot of very religious older people and young kids watching a movie with a lot of drugs being taken, nudity and the American flag being displayed all through the movie while church bells rang repeatedly from the church nearby.
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