July 12th
We could smell smoke and the area where Mt Vesuvius was a heavy cloud of smoke dispersed over a very high area. The fires had not yet been extinguished and there were several hundred fires raging all across Italy. A day of reading, napping and swimming – too hot for almost anything else.
July 13th
We made the journey across calm rolling seas to Sorrento. Another very hot day! Luckily, the boat generated some lovely breezes as we crossed the calm ocean to the mainland. The mainland was almost completely obscured by smoke. As we neared Sorrento, we could see new fires start up on the mountains behind Sorrento. Fires seem to be a common theme in the last month.
July 14th and 15th
Days so hot and humid, it stifles any desire to do much, except swim. However, as the sun sets, there is some relief and we head into town for dinner. Tats and Nicky have now left us. It was lovely to reconnect with family and spend time with them in this beautiful part of the world.

so 100
Another beautiful sunset in Sorrento
so 101
Fairy tale abandoned home in Sorrento
so 105
Sleeping beauty
so 106
so 107
Aragonese castle Ischia
so 108
so 109
New fires as we get close to Sorrento
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