July 10th – July 11th

An easy day of doing chores, a little research, swimming and good conversations with family. Then, the next day, we rented a car and made the drive around the island. We saw beautiful vistas and lovely beaches and went for lovely swims in the blue, blue ocean. As we left the one beach, we saw a huge cloud of smoke over in the area of Mt. Vesuvius. A local older gentleman told us it was Mt. Vesuvius erupting. There were also several smaller fires in a ring around the mountain. We watched as the column of smoke grew. It has been predicted that Mt. Vesuvius is going to erupt again, so we thought we were watching this event happening in real time. It turns out that it was a massive wildfire. Also very serious, and large segments of Naples had to be evacuated. It is understandable why so many thought it was an eruption, as the last eruprion in 1944 looked almost exactly the same.

fire 4
Vesuvius iwildfires See grim reaper?
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Tats cooking dinner
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St Angelo
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St Angelo

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This interesting plant is a cycas. There are many on Ischia
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Life on the boat