Abbeywood Estate Gardens

Simon Goodfellow, a childhood friend from South Africa, created these beautiful gardens at Abbeywood Estates in England. He does not create landscaping plans. He sees the landscaping in his head and plants accordingly. To make it even more interesting, he is color blind. Simon seems to paint with flowers, where the brushstrokes are individual plants. He sees them in his mind, what they will do, and how they will grow and bloom.

Most other gardens seem to be a “paint by numbers” kind of landscaping, whereas his gardens bring to mind a Monet painting. It looks like they are growing in wild profusion with no specific plan in mind, but it is not accidental that they create this enchanting vista where your eye is drawn to the perfect melding of a palette of colors that create a fairy tale story for the many weddings that take place there. We spent the better part of four hours here, exploring the gardens and enjoying them. A true masterpiece.
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