August 15th

Kate, the twins, John and I embarked on a daytrip to the sea and stopped by Castlewellen Castle and Forest on the way there. It was a beautiful day, with blue skies and white clouds scuttling across the sky. We could see some grey clouds too, so knew that rain was probably going to be a reality too.

We walked through the grounds of Castlewellen. Green pastures with cows and forests of trees, past a lake and up to a maze of hedges. Exploring the maze was fun, and eventually we made it to the center to ring the bell – but the bell was gone! Oh well, a lovely excuse to spend time on this beautiful day with family. We sat on the grass for a short time and just enjoyed the views of the nearby mountains, the village nearby, and could see all the way all the sea.

Next, we drove to Newcastle, which is on the coast and the twins had fun in an amusement park for an hour or so before we headed to the beach. That rain swept in and swept out, as we took shelter for a short while.

We drove back to my cousin’s house where she proceeded to make a feast for dinner. We look at old family photos and remember those who are no longer with us. Unfortunately, the list is quite long. It was a perfect day with memories that will keep me smiling for years!

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