August 18th

We stopped at the majestic property of Powercourt House and Gardens on our way south to catch the ferry from Ireland to Wales. I could not help, but think what Simon, my friend who works at Abbeywood Estates in England would do with these grounds. As majestic as they were, I could see many areas where he could take it from the beautiful to the heavenly.

Next we drove through the Wicklow mountains. Words and photos cannot describe the beauty of the ferns, heather, forests and wildflowers that covered these beautiful mountains that were interlaced with rivers and lakes. I felt I had been transported into a world of magic and enchantment.

We made it down to the coast and to our ferry with just a few minutes to spare. We had rented a cabin for the three hour or so journey to Wales, so we dropped all our gear in the cabin and went to the top deck to see Ireland recede. For once, I did not take my camera, so will just have to tell you what I saw.

The light was soft and grey. I watched the green hills of the Emerald Isle fade into the distance with sadness. The sea was windswept and looked cold and uninviting. It was warm up on the deck, as the sea and wind were pushing us to Wales, and I guess must have been blowing at the same speed as the wind created by the ship moving us forward. So we were in a windless warm lull on the top deck staring at the intimidating windswept sea. If you looked over the edge of the boat, the waves crashed with force against the hull, sending up plumes of white spray that immediately created rainbows in the mist that resulted as the spray settled back into the sea. A tall white lighthouse on a rocky small island came into view. The waves spashed up on the rocks and it was not hard to imagine what it would be like in that lighthouse in the middle of a storm. This was a relatively calm day for a crossing, and it seemed wild and fearsome. The light faded and we went in for supper.

Later, as we neared the mainland of Wales and another lighthouse, we went back on deck again. It was still warm. We arrived in Fishguard, Wales and spent the night in a hotel there on the waterfront.

wk 101
Powercourt House and Gardens
wk 103
Gardens at Powercourt
wk 104
Gardens at Powercourt
wk 105
Gardens at hotel at Powercourt
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Powercourt gardens