August 21st to 22nd
This little fishing village on the Cornish coast is magical. We arrive to find a fine mist enshrouding the town, mute swans in the harbor, and children everywhere jumping off the harbor wall into the water, as it is almost high tide. At low tide, almost all the water drains from the harbor, so all swimming is timed with the tide. The same applies to boating as the boats are stranded at low tide. The tide in the Southwest of England can vary as much as 49 feet – yes, 49 feet. The variance here is not so great, but is still pretty impressive.

We move into our little two story stone cottage a stone’s throw from the harbor. It is just perfect. There is nature and beauty everywhere, and Cornwall lives up to its reputation as a place that is astoundingly beautiful. People are drawn here like moths to a flame, and it is not the kind of place that you can only come to once. You will be forever reminded that this enchanting place exists and want to make the journey to here again in the summer. I do believe the winters can be brutal, so not a place to consider living permanently. At least not for us.

mo 100
Mousehole enshrouded in mist
mo 210
mo 209
Honor system. Homemade jams from local berries. You just leave money in a jar.
mo 208
mo 205
Low tide in Mousehole
mo 116
mo 114
Our perfect kitchen
mo 113mo 112
mo 111
Redheads abound
mo 110
Mute swans in harbor
mo 109
mo 108
A cottage named after me!
mo 106
Our stone cottage
mo 102
Butterflies everywhere