March 14 and 15

We spent the last two days very busy with our new project.  Everything is so much more of a challenge when you are in a foreign country, don’t speak the language and live on an island with no real stores.  We took the ferry to Sibenik on Thursday and visited a couple of electronic, building supply and furniture stores to get some idea of what was available to us here.

Yesterday, John spent most of the day demolishing walls and removing plaster from the two to three foot rock walls that we are going to expose.  I spent the day measuring the rooms and working on an initial design for the place to discuss with a local architect.  We have our work cut out for us.

ho 100

ho 102
Something very sexy about a man with a chisel

ho 103

ho 104
Exposing the rock walls
ho 105
Knocking it down
ho 106
Beautiful wood floors under the carpets

ho 107ho 108Luka and his uncle made a lovely lunch for us.   Luka makes his own beer, wine and grappa.  We had some of the wine with lunch.  Really good. We took breaks to enjoy the beautiful island.

cr 200
On the ferry to Sibenik
cr 201
The bees are huge!
cr 202
The swans showed up
cr 206
The second village on the island – Sepurine
cr 209
cr 211
Spring is here