March 25th

We get a text that Christian, one of the island fishermen has just come in with a catch, and we can buy some fresh fish. It is a beautiful morning. The sun is out and the sea is calm. We go to see the catch and there are some pretty amazing looking amberjack. John buys one and he grills some of the fish steaks for lunch. Luka and a friend join us for lunch. It is very informal as we don’t yet have chairs or table and salvage what we can from the abandoned portion of our house. The fish is delicious. The amberjack here have very white flesh and are considered some of the best eating fish here. It is not bloody like the amberjack in Mexico. They also use the head to make soup here, and I save ours to make soup in a day or so. Luka hoes the field to plant potatoes as Chocolate, his rabbit hunting dog, soaks up the sun nearby.

John puts on his plumber hat and hooks up the washer and dryer and starts work on connecting the sink in the kitchen. Oh dear, need some parts. Not an easy thing when you are on the island. There is no Home Depot around the corner. A new list of things we need to purchase is created, and John continues to make our new home livable. I am still very weak, and spend a lot of time resting. Pretty useless.

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