March 26th – March 30th

We take a water taxi to the mainland and borrow Luka’s car for a few hours that turns into the whole day to go shopping for items we need to make our new temporary home livable. With the car loaded to the brim, we head back to the island.

These next few days are a blur as I am largely incapacitated while John works like a demon with a very happy smile on his face. We do make time to spend with friends on the island and Luka helps me get set up with online banking, order things on the internet, taking a trip to the courthouse to get paperwork related to the properties taken care of, visits to the post office, etc.

We make friends on the island. It is a small place and everyone knows who we are and what we are doing. Some speak english well, some not at all and others speak a little. Somehow, we all manage to communicate. It is cold, but beautiful here.

We get to meet a good contractor on the island, and give him some idea of what we hope to do. We meet with an architect as well.

I do some research and realize that this house is pretty old. I find an old photograph from 1859 that I believe is of our house. The house may have been built in the 1500’s or 1600’s. It was probably added to over time. Due to the quality of the stones, and the fact that they had an open fire on the third floor for cooking indicates that the house has been here for a long time.

The downside, and it is very small, is that this makes the house historically significant, and since the island is a Cultural Heritage site, we may be limited in what changes we can make. Either way, it is going to be a beautiful home, even if we cannot do our complete wishlist. We feel honored that we get to spend time in this beautiful historical home. We will know more once the architect does his research.

The sad news is that the beautiful patina on the walls in the abandoned house that I was hoping to save is mold and is probably what has been making me so sick. I have been spending quite a bit of time in the older parts of the house taking measurments, planning and dreaming. All that has to go as it is very unhealthy. I am slowly getting better and have been banned from the moldy parts of the house.

I made the soup with the fish head, and they are right, it is amazing! John was reluctant to try it at first, but loved it once he did. I love the cobbled together cozy space that John has created for us as a temporary home while the remodel takes place.

I have taken all the measurements of the house and the property and have come up with a clear vision of what we need to do here. Let’s just hope I will not need to adjust it too much based on the requirements of the Conservation Society.


cr 401
Fish head soup for dinner
cr 402
Our cobbled together kitchen
cr 405
So this is where chicken comes from
cr 406
Zlarin – next island over
cr 407
Our cozy bed

cr 408cr 409