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About Primosten

Primosten is a picture postcard town occupying an island that is joined to the mainland by a causeway. Primosten is famous for its vineyards and rich, red Babic wine. It is very good, and half a glass was enough to make me very light headed. The island was inhabited in prehistoric times. The Venetians built a wall around it and you can walk the perimeter of the wall which borders the ocean on all sides, except where it joins the mainland. The town is dominated by the church and cemetery at the top of the hill. There are many pebbly beaches with very clear waters, and there are walking and bike trails all along the coast line. From the town, you can see many other islands. There is a small boat marina, a harbor for just a few larger boats, pine wooded forests in the next coves and many good restaurants to eat. Just a few are open at this time of the year (spring).

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