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About Prvic

Prvic is an island that has no cars, a couple of fishing villages and about 400 people who live here year round. The rest of the homes are owned by foreigners who come for the summer. The locals have slowly moved off the island to the cities. There are many stone built homes that are uninhabited and dilapidated, and I would love to spend a summer here converting one into a habitable space again.

The island is relatively close to a town/city, Sibenik and there are about 5 ferries a day that stop by the island. You can also order a water taxi to take you anywhere you want. The ocean is mostly like a lake or lagoon, unless there is serious weather. You can see Sibenik from the island and it almost feels like you can swim there.

The waters are very clear around the island and there are many bays and beaches. Swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling and hiking are all great. The vistas are breathtaking.

There are forests of pines, and many fruit trees and vegetable gardens around the island. Wild flowers are everywhere in the spring.

Local women mostly seem to work the gardens, while the men are doing construction work, repairing pathways, buildings and roofs.

At this time of the year, there is only one restaurant open, one market with very limited supplies that is open a few hours a day, and no banks.

It is so safe. Most of Croatia is that way, and crime is very limited and there is almost no violent crime. I love the freedom of being able to roam the pathways around the island on my own, and only occasionally encounter someone along the walks.

Everyone who lives here has been very friendly and helpful. It is a place that we could seriously consider living for a good part of the year.

There are many cats on the island, and they all seem to have distinct personalities, but don’t seem to belong to anyone. If we lived here, I would adopt a few, or at least befriend a few, as I am not sure they can be “owned”.

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