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About Skradin

Skradin is a small village on an inlet of a river and a gateway to the Krka National Park, especially the waterfalls. There are hourly scheduled boat rides to the waterfalls from Skradin.

It is well known for it’s cuisine – both the 12 hour risotto that we experienced, and for meat or seafood cooked under a dome, which we did not experience as it needs to be ordered a couple of hours before you arrive, and we just never got our act together on that.

There are a large number of wild fig trees that grow everywhere, both in Skradin and Krka National park, and the dried figs are sold at small outdoor stalls or tables throughout the park and the town. One street is lined with mulberry trees that were grown for their leaves to feed silk worms to generate silk.

A lot of the beautiful buildings in the town are abandoned, and there were quite a few “For Sale” signs. It seems that the only two industries are tourism and agriculture. Although there are not many people living there, it was lovely to see how much the people who did live there loved their town and realized how lucky they were to live in this beautiful place.

The water in the river is so clean and clear, and filled with lots of life, including fish, reptiles and amphibians. There is also a lot of bird life. The surrounding vegetation is rocky hills with forests of many species of trees, and colorful wild flowers. Reeds abound the river’s edge. It is a paradise.

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