A quiet day until the storm hit. Heard thunder and got up from reading to check. Took a few photos as the storm was quickly moving in our direction. Sea plane took off in a hurry and sail boats tried to come in as quickly as possible to outrace the storm. I just had time to close port holes and hatches when it hit. Thunder, lightning, wind and side blowing, heavy rain. As the storm hit, sirens went off in the port. The rain and wind was so loud, one would have had to shout to be heard. This lasted for about 30 minutes and then it slowly moved on. Peace and quiet rule again.

sp 505
Storm coming
sp 504
Boats race into harbor while sea plane takes off
sp 503
Here is comes

sp 502

sp 403
Sunset walk the night before – meditation
sp 402
Mural on ocean wall
sp 401
View of marina